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If you are unsure about spelling, it's often best to only search for a partial name, e.g., search for "rego" instead of "regorafenib." 

Approved drugs have a brand name (e.g., Gleevec) and a generic name (e.g., imatinib). Also, drugs in early phases of development may only have a letter/number combination (e.g., STI571); you may use any of these names in the drug search box.
To look for combination drugs, you may enter the two drugs separated by a “+” in between the drugs. For example, “Gleevec + AT13387”.

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You may look for a drug based on its drug category, please select the desire category you would like to search.

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This search page is for drugs and not for trials. Approval status is the highest known phase of that the drug is currently in, however these statuses can change frequently, so please let us know if you find out-of-date information.

You may combine search terms. Note that you could enter a combination that might produce unexpected results. If you can't find what you are looking for, try entering fewer combinations, or use the "Just List all Drugs and Drug Targets" link above the search box.

Please let us know if there are other search features that we should consider adding.