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If you would like to search a clinical trial by a specific drug name, please select the desire name of the drug or combination drugs listed in the “Drug” box.

Treatment Stage:

You can accept the default search which will return all currently recruiting trials for patients with resistance to Gleevec (these are typically Sutent resistant as well) or you can change the search criteria according to your preference.


You may enter one or more than one search criteria in the boxes above. By default, only trials that are currently recruiting are shown. To change this, change the status in the status field.

Drug Category:

You may also look a clinical trial by its drug category. Just select the desire drug category listed in the “Drug Category” box.

Trial Phase:

  • Use 1 to find all phase 1 trials.
  • Use >1 to find all phase 2, 3 or 4 trials
  • Use >1 <4 to find all phase 2 or phase 3 trials.


You may search a clinical trial by the nearest country by you. However, a search by country will limit trials shown to those that have at least one site in that country. If the found trial(s) also is recruiting in other countries, those sites will also be shown for that trial.