Drug Detail

Information about Gleevec + PEG-Intron

Generic Name
Imatinib + Peginterferon alfa-2b
Imatinib + Pegylated Interferon-a 2B
Brand Name (US)
Gleevec + PEG-Intron
Novartis, Schering
Drug Type
Oral Subcutaneous
Approval Status
Both are approved. This combination is not approved for GIST. It was evaluated in a phase 2 trial for GIST.
Overall Strategy
GIST cell based KIT Protein Based
Stimulate the immune system
Drug Category
KIT/PDGFRA inhibitor Immune stimulate

PEG-Intron is a long acting interferon. Interferons are proteins released in the body in response to viral infections. Interferons are important for fighting viruses in the body, for regulating reproduction of cells, and for regulating the immune system.

PEG-Intron is a specific interferon used to treat chronic hepatitis C.