Drug Detail

Information about Farydak

Generic Name
Brand Name (US)
Drug Type
HDAC inhibitor
Approval Status
Approved for a non-GIST cancer
Multiple Myeloma
Overall Strategy
GIST cell based
Block KIT Unblock cell death genes
Drug Category
HDAC inhibitor

LBH589 is an HDAC inhibitor made by Novartis. A phase I trial combining LBH589 and Gleevec is underway in Germany(2010).
It was approved for Multiple Myeloma in February, 2015 in the USA.

Work presented at the Life Fest meeting in Dallas, showed that a histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitor was able to cause significant regression in a Gleevec-resistant xenografts model (mouse model). HDAC inhibitors are a new class of drugs that have shown anti-cancer activity in several ways:

* Inducing apoptosis
* Arresting the cell cycle

By destabilizing certain cancer-causing proteins such as bcr-abl (and possibly KIT). This may occur because HDAC inhibitors cause hsp90 to become inactive, possibly resulting in the destruction of the KIT protein.

Another way that HDAC inhibitors might accomplish their effects is by “turning on” some tumor suppressor genes that have been silenced.
HDAC inhibitors are in various stages of development.

Deibec-Rychter et al, have shown that HDAC inhibitors are able to cause significant regression in a Gleevec-resistant xenograft model. Bauer et al have shown that LBH589 has antiproliferative and proapoptotic effects in IM-sensitive and IM-resistant KIT+ GIST. In this study, the antiproliferative effects of LBH589 were 22-38x stronger that SAHA (vorinostat/Zolinza).