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Phase 1
Overall Strategy
Oncogenic Signal Path Based
Block KIT Signal Path
Drug Category
mTOR inhibitor PI3K inhibitor

BGT226: This is a second PI3K inhibitor from Novartis, which inhibits Class I PI3Ks. This trial is classified as a combined Phase I/II. Initially patients with solid tumors will be accepted, but the phase II expansion part will enroll only advanced breast cancer patients and Cowden syndrome patients. Cowden syndrome is an inherited disease in which the PTEN gene is defective leaving the survival signal from the PI3K pathway un-attenuated. The only current trial site is Nevada Cancer Institute, Las Vegas, Nev. NCT00600275
PI3K proteins have been identified in crucial signaling paths of multiple cancers. They can become over-active via a variety of mechanisms including upstream signaling. PI3Ks have recently been identified as active downstream signal points in the c-KIT pathway in GIST. A number of PI3K inhibitors have now entered phase I clinical trials.