Drug Detail

Information about PLX9486 + Pexidartinib + Sunitinib

Generic Name
PLX9486 + Pexidartinib + Sunitinib
PLX9486 + PLX3397 + SU11248
Brand Name (US)
Cogent Biosciences
Drug Type
Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor
Approval Status
Phase 1
Overall Strategy
KIT Protein and immune system
Block KIT + Stimulate the immune system
Drug Category
KIT inhibitor + Tumor Associated Macrophage inhibitor

PLX9486 is designed to block KIT gene mutations. These mutations can cause cancer and cancer cell growth. By blocking these mutations, the drug may kill the cancer cells with the mutation and/or stop the tumor from growing. By combining PLX9486 with PLX3397, the investigators hope to block most gene mutations in KIT.
The latter part of this trial seemed to focus on the PLX9486 + sunitinib (Sutent) combination. See the Trial results link below for initial trial results.