Drug Detail

Information about Sutent + TH-302

Generic Name
Sunitinib + TH-302
SU11248 + TH-302
Brand Name (US)
Sutent + TH-302
Pfizer, Threshold Pharmaceuticals
Drug Type
KIT inhibitor, Hypoxia targeted chemotherapy
Approval Status
Sutent is approved for GIST. TH-302 is in phase III trials for non-GIST cancer(s). This combination is in a phase 1 trial for GIST and RCC.
Overall Strategy
GIST cell based
Block KIT + traditional chemotherapy
Drug Category
KIT/PDGFRA inhibitor + chemotherapy released in tumors with hypoxia

TH-302 is a pro-drug that selectively targets tumors cells with low oxygen content (hypoxia). TH-302 has been designed to be selectively activated within these hypoxic cells, killing them as well as those in close proximity via a bystander effect. Preclinical as well as early clinical data suggest that TH-302 exerts anti-tumor activity both alone as well as in combination with other therapies that target the rapidly proliferating cells found in normally oxygenated compartments of solid tumors.
Sunitinib (Sutent) is approved as a single agent for imatinib-resistant or intolerant GIST. This drug combination is being evaluated in a phase I trial (see trial link below).
See Trial Results link(s).