Drug Detail

Information about Cixutumumab + Temsirolimus

Generic Name
Cixutumumab + Temsirolimus
IMC-A12 + CCI-779
Brand Name (US)
Drug Type
monoclonal antibody
Approval Status
Imc-A12 is in phase 2, CCI-779 is approved for refractory kidney cancer. This combination is in phase 1 & 2 trials for solid tumors and non-GIST cancers.
Overall Strategy
Oncogenic Signal Path Based
Block related tumor signal paths
Drug Category
IGF1R inhibitor + mTOR Inhibitor

IMC-A12 is an IGF1R inhibitor in early development. IGF1R is overexpressed in 2/3 of wild-type GISTs and almost all pediatric GISTs.
Patients with wild-type GIST and pediatric GIST may be good candidates for a trial with inhibitors of IGF1R.
CCI-779 is an approved mTOR inhibitor. mTOR is a rather general cancer target. There are recent reports (e.g., AACR 2009) that suggest drugs that inhibit IGF-1R and mTOR inhibitors might work well together.