Drug Detail

Information about Gleevec + Proleukin

Generic Name
Imatinib + Aldesleukin
STI-571 + IL2
Brand Name (US)
Gleevec + Proleukin
Novartis + Novartis
Drug Type
Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor
Oral + Intravenous
Approval Status
Both are approved. This combination is not approved for GIST. It was evaluated in a phase 1 trial for GIST.
Overall Strategy
GIST Tumor Based
Block KIT + Stimulate the immune system
Drug Category
KIT inhibitor + Immune stimulate

Also see the listing for imatinib.
Interleukin-2 (IL-2) is a protein that occurs naturally in your body and plays an important role in activating your immune system. The immune system protects the body from foreign substances, cells, and tissues by responding to and resisting diseases. PROLEUKIN therapy is a genetically engineered or recombinant version of IL-2. PROLEUKIN therapy possesses the same properties as naturally occurring IL-2 and helps activate the immune system to recognize and eliminate certain kinds of cancer cells.